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Mini Digger Hire London

Whether you need to hire a midi digger, micro excavator or Mini digger in London, Demenex Plant Hire can offer you quality reliable mini excavators at a sensible price.  If you are specifically looking for Mini digger hire London, mini excavator hire London, then Demenex can surely provide a helping hand at short notice.

We have the following Plant and machinery for hire. If in doubt or you have any questions please feel free to give one of our friendly staff a call on 0333 800 2186

The TC15 with short-tail swing. The TC15 mini crawler excavator combines power and versatility to offer a compact productive unit.

Terex TC29 – Mini Digger / Excavator
3 Tonne

Ideal for ground levelling, backfilling, grading and contouring, the 23-hp Terex® TC29 compact crawler excavator offers operators an offset boom with built-in swing that provides not only excellent visibility but also multi-width excavation and parallel-to-wall operation. This unit is designed with a 56-in wide dozer blade that is independently controlled form the track drive for uninterrupted operation. Smooth, simultaneous machine operation is achieved on the TC29 excavator due to its axial piston, variable displacement hydraulic pump and motor design.

This unit’s solid tractive force boosts the operator’s ability to get the work done more quickly quickly, while the twin door cab allows for ease of access and excellent ventilation for maximum operator productivity. Fingertip controls (electro proportional) on right joystick, actuation via rollers, come standard on the TC29 excavator for additional control circuit for work attachments. This system also includes a second additional control circuit on left joystick, actuation via rollers.

The TC29 excavator can be outfitted with a quick-coupler system (mechanical or hydraulic) to connect to work attachments, including standard buckets, ditch-cleaning buckets, augers, hydraulic hammers and cutting units, quickly. The hydraulic quick-coupler system allows operator to change tools without leaving the cab. The location of the top-mounted cylinders protects the cylinders from damage during loading and transporting materials.

Terex TC50 – Mini Digger / Excavator
5 Tonne

Designed for trenching and excavating applications and offering a stable, zero-tail swing platform, the 36-hp Terex® TC50 compact excavator excels in constricted work environments. It is designed to turn within its tracks, guaranteeing that the rear of the machine does not swing into nearby structures or landscaping or out into oncoming traffic during operation. In addition, the offset boom allows for working in close proximity next to buildings and foundations.

Ideal for landscape, plumbing, septic, electrical and utility installations, the TC50 excavator is designed with an 39.4-hp engine and load-sensing and load-independent flow division hydraulics system that are matched to the machine’s size. This gives operators a greater power ratio and smooth, simultaneous operation for maximum worksite production.

It weighs in at 11,070 lb, and it offers a maximum dig depth of 12 ft 2 in and a maximum reach of 20 ft 4 in. The optional quick-attach coupler system allows for easy bucket and attachment changes, offering contractors versatility for multiple jobsite applications with one machine. It is able to handle 2.4 – 8.2 ft3 bucket capacities, and it is ideal for using a hydraulic hammer. The 78-in wide dozer blade is independently controlled from the track drive for uninterrupted operation. And with a simple flip of a switch, operators can change from ISO to SAE controls to suit personal preference.

Built for consistent, reliable jobsite performance, the TC50 excavator is manufactured with top-mounted, inverted boom cylinders and spherical bearings. The inverted boom helps to prevent the cylinder seals and the hoses from dirt buildup and offer protection from the elements.

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Mini Digger Hire London

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